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No matter what kind of roof you have, it’s normal to perform some kind of roof maintenance from time to time. This is especially true in regions like Coco Plum, Florida, that regularly see hurricanes and tropical storms. For many roofs, roofing maintenance might mean something as simple as an inspection after every storm to see if any repairs are necessary, but it can also mean ongoing maintenance to ensure your roof is always in tip-top shape. Whatever your needs, you can turn to Amador Roofing, the area’s leading residential roofing company, for a reliable solution.

Why Do You Need Roof Maintenance?

Periodic roofing maintenance can extend the life of your roof and prevent serious damage from occurring, making it a worthwhile investment. The exact kind of maintenance needed depends on what kind of roof you have. At Amador Roofing, we have experience with several different types of roofing, including asphalt shingles, metal, clay tiles, and flat roofing. Our highly trained team will examine your roof closely for any faults and formulate a maintenance plan that best meet your needs.

Why Choose Amador Roofing?

There are too many roofing companies that are happy to take your money without delivering a quality service. Amador Roofing isn’t one of those. Our customer service team is dedicated to your satisfaction, and our experienced roofing technicians are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship for all services they perform, from new roof installations to standard roof maintenance.

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“Amador Roofing went above and beyond what I had expected. They are very friendly and professional. Highly recommend”

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“Very professional and easy to work with. Went out of their way to accommodate our preferences. Job completed without any hiccups. Would not hesitate to recommend Amador !”

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“Amador Roofing went above and beyond what I had expected. They are very friendly and professional. Highly recommend”

M. Lujan