Balcony Waterproofing to Protect Your Beloved Home in Coral Gables, FL

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When you bought your first home, you were likely surprised at how much maintenance was required to keep it in good shape. For residents of Coral Gables, Florida, where humidity is high and storms are common, part of that process includes balcony waterproofing. Luckily, balcony waterproofing is one of the many services offered by your local roofing company, Amador Roofing. Our services are performed by experienced staff using the best products available on the market. As a result, we can create a powerful seal that will protect the appearance and structural integrity of your concrete or wood balcony even in the face of Florida storms.

Our Balcony Waterproofing Systems Outperform Them All

At Amador Roofing, we’re committed to setting new standards for workmanship so that you can be confident in partnering with us. All of our exterior services are performed with the same level of care and attention to detail we’ve become known for in our reliable, high-performance roofing systems. When done right, an effective balcony waterproofing system like the one we offer will:

  • Protect the surface of your balcony from UV rays
  • Prevent warping and cracking due to moisture or high temperatures
  • Keep mold and mildew growth at bay

Contact us today to learn more about what exterior balcony waterproofing can do for your Coral Gables, FL, home and schedule your service with the capable crew at Amador Roofing. Whether you’re waterproofing a newly built balcony for the first time or are having an existing balcony re-waterproofed, we look forward to being of assistance to you.

“Amazing service and extremely knowledgeable. Would give them a 5 star!”

Y. Lopez
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“Very professional and easy to work with. Went out of their way to accommodate our preferences. Job completed without any hiccups. Would not hesitate to recommend Amador !”

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“Amazing service and extremely knowledgeable. Would give them a 5 star!”

Y. Lopez